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Problems? How would you know if they were solved?

Imagine you’re the cobbler in the Grimm’s Fairy Tales story “The Shoemaker and the Elves.” The shoemaker went to bed one night and without his knowledge, elves made the shoes for the next day. His work was finished before he even woke up. He knew this for one reason – he saw the shoes....

Problems? How would you know if they were solved?2015-08-10T04:30:36+00:00

The Child Abuse Problem

Child abuse and neglect often has serious effects. These effects are both short- and long-term. Child abuse may be emotional, physical, or sexual. Neglect can be either physical neglect, such as not providing food or general safety, or emotional neglect....

The Child Abuse Problem2015-08-10T04:28:34+00:00
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