Specialized Services

DaySpring Counseling offers specialized therapy services to some criminal justice populations. DaySpring uses treatment models and methods of evaluation that are research-based and have proven effectiveness.

DaySpring offers sexual offender evaluations for community placement. Dr. Newsome is happy to travel to where your client is to perform these specialized assessments. Dr. Newsome’s assessments are thorough, grounded in research, and are completed in a timely fashion.

DaySpring’s Specialized Therapeutic Offender Program (STOP) uses the Risk, Need, Responsivitiy model as the basic for the treatment of sexual offenders. The program also employs methods such as the Good Lives Model, Motivational Interviewing, and other approaches that are consistent with the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Through STOP, DaySpring seeks to assist in improving community safety through collaboration with the criminal justice system. We work closely with supervisory agencies and personnel to design treatment and management plans that offer the best likelihood for successful reintegration while providing for safety.

Give us a call at (866) 308-2307 or email contact@dayspringwv.com if you would like more information